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At The Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A., we are solely dedicated to assisting policyholders with their property damage insurance claims, so you can be sure of our focus and expertise.

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Our clients are typically Residential Homeowners, Public Adjusters, Condo Associations, Vacation Home Rental Owners & Business Owners. With a “Raving Fan” client-focused approach, our exceptionally qualified team of attorneys and legal support staff are equipped to return your Florida property back to normal. For the property owner, we strive to provide a stress-free experience during the claim process. From start to finish, we help residential and commercial property owners restore their properties and peace of mind. 

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Type Of Claims

We live in paradise. Unfortunately, Florida is susceptible to powerful hurricanes and other windstorms. Insurance companies often deny or underpay these types of claims after a natural disaster. Let us do the fighting for you!

On Fire

Water damage claims are the most common type of insurance claim. Unfortunately, the insurance companies try to deny or underpay these claims based on various policy exclusions. We are experts at identifying and litigating these issues to get your claim covered!

Not only does a fire cause damage to the interior of a property, but smoke permeates throughout the property causing damage to personal property and the HVAC system and water damage is likely during fire suppression. Our firm can help ensure that you maximize your claim!

girl found mold in the corner of your ba
Burglar Using Crowbar To Break Into a Ho

Many covered losses can result in mold growth. Insurance companies often deny mold claims by relying on their “catch-all” denial for long-term damage. Mold can form very quickly and can be very dangerous. Let our experienced team help you navigate the pitfalls associated with your insurance claim.

Unfortunately, most policies have limits for jewelry, collectibles, etc. However, we can help you recover what you are owed under the policy for damage caused during a burglary.

Switching Roofs

Our firm specializes in assisting restoration companies recover their unpaid and underpaid invoices. These “first responders” help policyholders mitigate damage after a loss and directly bill insurance companies. Sadly, the carriers often ignore requests for payment. Call us today to discuss how we can help you recover.